Royal Australasian College of Surgeons


Associate Professor Edirimanne and his colleagues presented their research at Royal Australasian college of Surgeons annual scientific congress in Bangkok 2019.


88th Annual Scientific Congress of Royal Australasian College of surgeons was held in Bangkok from 6-10 of May 2019. A/Prof Edirimanne and his colleagues presented some of their breast and endocrine research findings at the conference including 2 oral presentations and 4 posters.

From left to right: Oswald Lee, A/Prof Edirimanne and Grace Yin during the Breast and Endocrine section dinner


The highlight for the team was the presentation by Ms. Grace Yin a medical student at Nepean clinical School of University of Sydney, which won the prestigious and highly competitive Tom Reeve – clinical prize in endocrine surgical section. The systematic review and meta-analysis conducted by Grace found an association between elevated PTH and risk of stroke. Even though it did not confirm a causal relationship it highlighted the need of further research in to this important association. The oral presentation by Mr. Oswald Lee, another medical student at Nepean clinical School of University of Sydney that analyzed the evidence for the usefulness of anti thyroglobulin as a prognostic marker in well differentiated thyroid was also very well received. Both Grace and Oswald were Associate professor Senarath Edirimanne’s MD research students who were co-supervised by Prof. Guy Eslick.

Dr. Shelley Stokes, a surgical registrar at Nepean hospital was also busy presenting her three posters during the conference. They included a series of patients who had immediate partial breast reconstruction with chest wall perforator flaps by A/Prof Edirimanne highlighting it’s utility in Australian setting and series of Radiation Induced Morphea of breast after radiotherapy for breast cancer, a rare reaction. The study also included patients from A/Prof Michael Hughes. The third poster described a strategy of rapid preparation of medically uncontrollable Graves’ patients for surgery. The fourth poster described the Nepean Hospital experience of FDG-PET scan in patients who had neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.

The conference provided an international platform for the medical students and young registrars to present their research to a broader audience and highlighted the research activities at Nepean and Sydney Adventist hospitals.